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Making Your Marque

The Promo Marque team is a long time member of The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), and The Meeting Professionals International (MPI).

The Scoop

Truth be told, everyone loves free swag. They do. We do. You do too. Proven research shows that when that swag is useful, creative and quality it always hangs around. Allowing your company’s name and logo to be visually present, available for the world to see over and over again.

At Promo Marque, our fabulous crew of promotional consultants are here to develop solutions for your marketing challenges. We pride ourselves in building brand recognition and brand loyalty through unique, innovative, quality promotional products that market your company in the best way.

Offering nearly 750,000 products from over 3500 suppliers, we have a network in place that will accommodate your every need. Whether that be project specific, event specific, brand exposure, or just a way for you to show your customers or employees you love them.

Build your brand with us!

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With ease, Promo Marque will expose your brand, cultivate your brand recognition and most importantly, create loyalty.